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WannabeFansubs started up when a group of lame anime freaks decided that anime wasn't being subbed the way it was supposed to be, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Fansubbing started out as a hobby, a part-time job, and sometimes, as a necessity that arises from not being able to watch hentai and know what is going on. There were no promises. There were no series. There were no quality checks and there were no complaints about encodes being crappy, or pressure to finish a release by a certain deadline. It was voluntary and exclusive to the group. Everyone did their job because everyone in the team loved doing it and enjoyed the final outcome, not because they were part of a group and the project leader starts throwing work in your face.

That's the way we feel fansubbing should be. So here we are bringing you rare series that haven't been fansubbed, but definitely deserve to be! We make no promises. We don't tell you we have the best encodes, or how fast we can release episodes, but we give you our best, because we want to be. We may not be a fansubbing group as it is typically perceived today, but hey, we are 'WannabeFansubs'.

Yours Truly, SOzuken
Founder of WannabeFansubs
Since August 2003

Site and Media

This site is hosted by Banime.com, 2006 redesign and scripting by SOzuken and azrael. New banners or ideas are continually being accepted. Please talk to the WannabeStaff if you would like to contribute.

The Media pages of this site are reserved for informational purposes only. You can get episode and/or release notes here as well as other information regarding buying or getting anime media. As a fansubbing group, WannabeFansubs enjoys translating and subbing anime, but the mass distribution of such media is questionable, in particular to the long-term standing integrity of the site. No downloads of any anime, licensed or not licensed in North America, will be found on these pages. It is easy to refer to Google or other domains that have the 'rights' to listing such episodes.


The WannabeFansubs Forums started small in November 2004. It has since grown into a large and thriving community of School Rumble fans, featuring fan clubs such as the Tenma, Eri, Yakumo, and Mikoto clubs. There are currently over 4,000 members, many who unfortunately became dormant after School Rumble Season 1 ended. The Forums nonetheless have become a relatively established meeting place for devoted fans throughout the internet.

The Forums are moderated by the Wannabe Staff and the Wannabe Moderators, both which can be viewed under the Forum's member listings. The forum policy aims for everybody to be able to join in without being intimidated or coerced. Moderation is therefore done to encourage freedom of expression, a non-threatening environment, maybe a few jokes here and there, but in general for the overall fun and enjoyment of everybody. WannabeFansubs is, after all, a fansub group, and we're here as fansubbing fans because it's enjoyable for us as a hobby, and we hope that through the Forums we can get participation and make it equally as enjoyable for you, the watching fan.

Wannabe Wiki

The Wannabe Wiki is a joint effort by the Wannabe Staff, who provide technical assistance, and the WannabeFansubs Forums who provide much assistance with content. The Wiki is open to contribution by everyone, but we ask that you respect the contribution efforts of others and abide by any of the rules or conditions that are present.

School Rumble is the main theme of the Wannabe Wiki and thus is the focus in terms of content. In addition to this, the Wannabe Wiki is distinctly different from sites like Wikipedia.org, also because our content is not necessarily strict hard facts or a boring compilation of lists. We encourage fun, interesting, and unique ideas to be contributed. See the writing guidelines of the wiki, and we hope that browsing the wiki will not only be informationally enlightening, but give you a few chuckles here and there as well. ^_^

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