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Founding Members

The founding members continue to be a close bunch of friends. Although some of them have seceded from the realm of IRC, they continue to facilitate the Wannabe operations from behind the scenes. They are the original people who brought WannabeFansubs up from nothing.

  1. SOzuken
  2. Ohmer
  3. lainlover
  4. Zodiacers

Staff List (Active)

  1. MusashiKen
  2. azrael
  3. ItsFranky
  4. sssbbb
  5. Shiny

Part-time or Undecided

Although fansubbing is naturally itself a part-time committment, to be officially part of the Wannabe family, a certain amount of mingling and bonding need to happen between members. Life is not all about fansubbing and IRC, but the following members represent contributors whose work cannot be simply overlooked. Their work although rare and done during scarcely available free time as they rush between school and possibly part-time work, is always much appreciated.

  1. SnhKnives
  2. ThePapercut
  3. Redfoxmagi
  4. Skullarm
  5. Yakisoba

Pending Staff

These members are the to-be Wannabe staff. They have been acknowledged to their potential, but only time will tell and be the ultimate test of their rightful place among the Wannabe ranks.

  1. Ayanami9870
  2. red8888

Retired (Past Contributors)

Over WannabeFansub's history of over 2 years, many contributors have come and gone. We would like to recognize those who have once been part of the team, and are sorry to see them go. Life takes them further down the road, and god speed to them and whatever they decide to pursue next.

  1. Niels
  2. Nujtik
  3. taqma
  4. BigBadBaka
  5. Xine


"A wanking a day keeps the hentai coming my way"
  • Major Roles: Typesetting, Encoding
  • Born: 1984
  • Location: Planet Earth
  • Contact/Email

Special Skills & Experience

Adobe and Macromedia software experience. Video editing with open tools such as Virtualdub and Avisynth. Others include using mIRC, and Firefox.

Notable in whipping other staff members to work and getting himeself perverted WBs.


"What Japanese? I just translate."
  • Major Roles: Translating
  • Born: 1984
  • Location: Wannabe HQ
  • Contact/Email

Special Skills & Experience

Doctor of Philosophy in Fansubbing
Masters Degree in Bullshitting
Bachelors of Hentai Appreciation,
Major in Hentai Watching and Wrist Maneuvers
(First Class Honors)

Special Skills/Hobbies

Elementary Level Understanding of Japanese
Sexy Harlem no Jutsu.


  • Major Roles: Timer, Research and Development
  • Born: 1984
  • Location: The Wired
  • Contact: Undisclosed

Special Skills & Experience

Final Fantasy XI.
Various H-Games.
(Still a Virgin)

Pretending to understand Japanese
Pretending to be a timer
Pretending to be useful.


  • Major Roles: Translating, Translation Checking
  • Born: 1984
  • Location: United States
  • Contact: zodiacers@hotmail.com

Special Skills & Experience

Adobe Premiere
Microsoft Word

Special Skills/Hobbies

Flipping omelettes in mideair
Getting flipped by omelettes in midair
Ignoring/dodging SOzuken's whiplash


"Hey, where are all the bunnie girls?"
  • Major Roles: Translation Checking
  • Born: Ancient times
  • Location: Planet Typemoon
  • Contact/Email

Special Skills & Experience


Plays Japanese PC Games (mainly H-Games), knows 101 Ways To Eat Chocolate, and saves up to buy expensive Japanese Manga. Is a Type-Moon Freak (i.e. Fate Stay Night) and a major School Rumble Fan.


  • Major Roles: Scripting, editing, Qcing, Channel Mascot
  • Born: 21 years ago
  • Location: Germany
  • Contact/Email

Special Skills & Experience

Medusa, Virtualdub, MKVtoolnix, AVISubDetector, SubRip, Aegisub, Notepad

Watching anime.


"I bent my wookie ;_;"
  • Major Roles: Timing, Wannabe Typesetter
  • Born: 19 years ago
  • Location: Cow Lands of Davis, CA
  • Contact/Email

Special Skills & Experience

Being a closet pervert
Professing his most naughty and hidden desires at night
Student by day, IRC junky by night.

Sitting at the computer all day/night
Staring at girls without their consent
Able to beg for work, money, and food.


  • Major Roles: Editing, Fansub Distribution
  • Born: Undisclosed
  • Location: United States
  • Contact: Undisclosed

Special Skills & Experience



  • Major Roles: Editing
  • Born: 19 years ago
  • Location: Colorado, US
  • Contact/Email

Special Skills & Experience

MSPaint, mIRC, MSOffice, BSPlayer

Watching anime, making bad jokes, writing, watching movies
Having no social life


  • Major Roles: Trying to spread the goodness of anime, etc, etc. To track down lolicons so they don't reproduce.
  • Born: Not yet Legal
  • Location: Thailand
  • Contact: Don't fucking email me. I don't want to hear from you.

Special Skills & Experience

Masturbated to Sailormoon

Trying to find decent Melon Bread
Trying out hentai lines on real people, and live to tell the story
Trying to find a girl who'd satisfy his cosplay fantasies
Trying to beat his cat in Kung-Fu

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