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Rome was never built in a day, and neither was fansubbing. It takes hours, days, even weeks, to completely fansub one episode, or maybe not.
It was early spring of this year when translating anime came into my top ten things-that-needed-to-be-done list. Foolish as I was, I took the offer, and began the journey on the path to an expert translator, belittling the obstacles that I may face in the future. The early days went fine, the anime was interesting, the translation not so mind challenging, and the pressure was none. As I translated more and more episodes, I was made aware of a competition between my former fansub group, and this other, equally impressive group. The battle had begun, and I was stuck in the middle of it.

Time was money, deadlines were drawn, coffee was chugged, and the pressure of the entire staff beared upon my shoulders as the position of translator, the person that begins the chain. I was so full of it with the translations that my darker side, my hatred for anime, began to take control of my consciousness, in which then I descended into a period which I shall call the "Dark Times". Anime was a threat to my way of living. I lived a savage life, barbaric in every form, uncivilized to the core, driven by this fear of translating anime. Days became nights, shadows danced around me, and visions of naked girls clouded my mind. I was at the brink of falling into utter madness, save only a dew drop of sanity.

Then I watched some hentai, felt better, and started watching anime again. I then continued to translate anime, and still do so today.

Translator, WannabeFansubs


I'm Zodiacers, the lazier translator of this group. Somehow this document has been passed down to me and I'm supposed to write out my uttermost feelings down on it. Translating is a fun job because you're the first person who gets to actually 'watch' the anime, and even a more wonderful job because you get to sit there, with your headphones listening to what the character is saying for the gajillion-th time while trying to find out what the heck they mean, only to realize later that the phrase you've spent time searching up and down the dictionary is actually in English said in a very pervertized Japanese accent.

For example here is Zodi duking it out with Shiro-chan from Komugi and what he's trying to say.

そりゃもうあだいなカップル (sorya mou adaina kappuru) って言うことで大騒ぎよ。
Zodi: What the hell did you just say?


I said, “そりゃもうきょだいなコップル (sorya mou kyodaina KOPPuru) って言うことで大騒ぎよ。”
Zodi: What? 兄弟 (kyodai) ? Brotherly love? There was uproar about that?

No no, “それはもう大台なコップ (sore wa mou daiutenakoppu) って言うことで大騒ぎよ。”
Zodi: The stock price of cups has gone up to a glamouring level?
白ちゃん:バカかお前は(Are you dumb!)?I said….
(2 hours later at the university academic complex )

Zodi: Hello, is this Matsuda Sensei?
Matsuda Sensei: こんにちわ、サムさん。何の御用ですか?
Zodi: I need to know what this phrase “~~~~~~~~~” means. 助けて下さい。
Matsuda Sensei: ああ、それですか…It means “They were a sensational couple to the media” ってですよ。
Zodi: そうか。どうも有り難うございます。
(another hour later after driving back home)

だーカーら、センセーショナルカップル (senseeshonaru kappuru) って言うことで大騒ぎですよ。
Zodi: お前….死ね。(You bastard, Die!)

(If you don't understand more than half of what's being said above, then you get my feeling)

Your language gets better as you translate more, but you start hating certain characters too just for what they 'said'. Basically, Translating is a tough job, although not as repetitive as timers, it requires high skill of understanding, a good ear, and a tad bit of luck. Since the whole subbing of the group afterwards depends on the left side of your brain, you can't just carelessly insert a line.

I still hate that perverted rabbit,
Zodiacers. October 15, 2003

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