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Wannabe Fansubs Forum _ News & Announcements _ Truly the end...?

Posted by: lefritz Aug 2 2009, 08:04 PM

Dear all,

I am saddened to say that after reading SOzuken's post, I have made the difficult decision to cancel the server that this site is run on. The lease of the server runs out on August 15th, and on that day it will be shut down. It does sadden me to make this move, and I hope you all can forgive me; I know that this site has meant a lot to a great many people in the past.

However, I hope that my retreat from hosting will not be the last act of WF. I would love it if someone else would take up the role of hosting this wonderful forum. To this end, I have taken a back-up of the whole site today, and intend to do so on the 14th as well, and have this backup on my personal computer. If anyone wants to get a small hosting plan organised and upload the site onto this then they will have my full support (although I feel I must ask for SOzuken's permission first...), and I will help in any way possible - not least by providing the backup of the site. The server needs only a small bandwidth allocation, you guys are pretty light on usage, but does need mysql or similar to run (in theory about 8 databases, but in reality only one or two are needed). Also, the backup is 2GB big, so it needs more hard-drive space than that. SOzuken holds the domain name, but I'm sure he'd be happy to transfer everything over to someone else.

I really do hope that this site can keep going, you guys are all awesome.

If you want to get in contact with me (for any reason) it's "lefritz at".


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